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Monitoring and alert application for people living with epilepsy

About SeizureAlert

SeizureAlert is a user-friendly application available for the Apple Watch who monitors in real time the physical data and seizure-like motion for those with seizure disorders. In addition, the app will alert loved ones and caregivers when a seizure occurs.

Our features

Designed to provide real peace of mind for families dealing with epilepsy and enhance the safety of people prone to seizures. It also provides a level of autonomy and independence that was not possible before.

GPS Location Tracking

Your location is sent to your emergency contacts with help requests. This allows your loved ones to know exactly where you are.

Lock screen info

When seizure occurs, the phone will display a message explaining the epileptic condition and indicate actions that must be taken.

Alert loved ones

Alert will be received by SMS, email and/or phone by family members, friends or caregivers in case of seizure or when assistance is required.

Seizure-like detection

Alerts go out within seconds after detecting patterns of abnormal repetitive motion and/or elevated heart rate.


Features that makes it easy to live with epilepsy and deliver peace of mind

Seizure motion snooze

Seizure monitoring can be disabled or snoozed if you plan to do activities that may trigger false seizure detections.

Logged event data

Automatically record audio, duration and severity of abnormal motion. All of this data is available for later analysis and review in a graphical visualization.

Log seizure event

Maintain a complete log of all of your seizure activity, mood, medication, trigger and personal note.

Heart rate

The watch’s bearer will have his heart rate monitored and those data will be stored for analysis purpose.

Summon help

Emergency button that can be pushed upon any kind of emergency to alert family members or caregivers.

SMS, Email, Phone Alert

Alerts can be send by SMS, email and/or phone to the select contact. Cancel easily any alerts that could be falsely generated.

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What our users say

On a regular basis, our users share with us the relevance and benefits they get with SeizureAlert.

Anie Roy
Service Coordinator & community worker at Épilepsie Montérégie

Such a great news is the coming of Seizure-Alert, which brings a better quality of life and comfort by making people who live with epilepsy and their surroundings feel safer. Thank you Kenotronix for innovating in Quebec, being a valuable partner and being a showcase for the demystification of epilepsy!

Carl Lapointe
VP at Épilepsie Montérégie

I’m director on Epilepsie Montérégie’s board and I’m also a lover of new technologies.There are several drugs and breeds of dogs that predict seizures and now a wristwatch device. Congratulations for your Seizure-Alert, if this device can save life, or improve the quality of life of patients it will be amazing.





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  • Seizure-like detection
  • Seizure tracking
  • Event log diary
  • Lock screen display
  • Emergency contact


$ 25 / yr

  • All free features
  • GPS tracking
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Monitor snooze

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Our source of inspiration

Our first source of inspiration is Leeloo, the cute little girl you see in the picture. Leeloo has had epilepsy for a few years. The constant worry of her mother has made her daddy programmer decide to develop the present application. To reassure mom first, then, to help others to deal with epilesy, their relatives and loved ones who have to live with epilepsy.

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15 April 2018

Article in Epilepsie Montérégie’s newspaper (French)

It was 3 or 4 years ago. For the first time, we’ve witnessed with helplessness to Leeloo’s

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